Automation issue

Hi, I’m aware of the “Show all used automation” and "show used automation ( selected tracks ) and have been using it since version 5. However, I seem to have an issue trying to find some automation that has been recorded in as neither of these functions show it but I can see the reverb knob changing on my synth. Maybe I have misunderstood something. This is what happened :-

  1. I recorded some midi in a VSTi synth
  2. I recorded some filter cut off in the VSTi synth.
  3. I mistakenly clicked the R and W buttons on the synth window and move some knobs and this has recorded.

I want to delete this automation but I can’t find it and it doesn’t show.
Maybe I am misunderstanding automation done in the lanes and automation done with Read and Write automation buttons.

I am using 9.5.50 cubase pro. It’s multiple synths this has happened to.

Any help greatly appreciated as the other option is copy the midi in the new tracks, save the inserts etc… and re-create which will take time and really I’d like to understand my mistake.

Best Regards


To add to this , I created two new Midi tracks. I copied and pasted only the midi note data from the tracks that had issues into these midi tracks. I created another rack instrument of the same and loaded the preset I saved. I loaded the track preset with the inserts I had on this track… Now all is well. On the other track with issues I also copied just the midi data but I didn’t create a new rack instrument. I just kept the same one. I deleted both of the old midi tracks with issues. On the track that I didn’t use a different rack instrument the automation is still there but using the “show automation” it shows nothing apart from my volume lane. This is pretty frustrating but I have a workaround at least.