Automation lag (knob twiddle emulation?)

This might be a strange querstion to ask…but is there a way to make the automation of controllers in a vst instrument track or audio track be more…“instant”

For example.

Say I have a track, and I have a filter as an insert, which I automate the cut off of.After 16 bars of automating the cut off down, I want to slam back in with the filter at fully open. So I automate it back up as a vertical line between 2 points


it’s not instant. It’s as though it’s emulating me turning the cut off knob up at that point.(all-be-it very fast…just not instant)

If any of you have used Reason, you will know that the automation on that allows for this sort of instant stuff, and I kinda want to be doing it in Cubase.

It’s something that has bothered me since SX3 days…and I have never found a decent solution.

At the moment my workaround is to have one track for the music up to the part where I want to “slam in”, and then a separate track for the that part.

Am I missing something really obvious? Or is this just the way it is?