Automation Lane points only visible when hovering

This started a couple of weeks ago for no obvious reason. Previously, all points added to an Automation Lane would be always visible. Now they only show when I hover over the Lane, although the curve is visible and points selectable. Can’t see a pref nor anything I might have clicked in the Automation Panel.

Once, very briefly, it went back to its old behaviour but this lasted only a matter of minutes.

Anyone seen the like?

Not the answer you’ll be hoping for but this should explain the reason.

Thanks, Grim. No, not the answer I was looking for but it’s always nice to know one is not suffering alone! I’ve posted on that thread you gave so hopefully we can revive this and get it sorted.

Better start looking for a repro - and what better thing to do on a foul, miserable Monday morning?


To try to get to the bottom of this I opened up an existing Test Project. Automation Nodes showed all the time, whatever the zoom level, and kept doing so even after I’d added a few more.

I then went back to the Current Project and found that Nodes still only display when hovering, unless you zoom out full (Shift-F) at which point they disappear.

Back to the Test Project - still always visible.

I think both (certainly the Current one) of the previous projects were created under C5.5 so I created a new (empty) project with two audio tracks. Add auto, lanes, zoom as you like, it behaves perfectly well (i.e. you can see the Nodes all the time).

Back to the Current Project. Nope - still only showing on hover.

I wonder if this is only happening to pre-C6 projects. If so, it didn’t happen straight away. I wonder if there was something about older projects that preserve some condition when saved under C6 that is triggered under obscure circumstances.

Beats me…for the moment…

Now I’ve gone up to 6.0.3 automation points are never permanently visible, even on old projects. What the…?

I had assumed this was standard 6 behaviour, as this has been the case since updating for me. Not so?

God knows. Anyway, I think this thread has been superceded by this one: