Automation Lane Vs MIDI Part Data

I’m getting into using UHE Diva and running into some automation issues/questions. Essentially, I’m trying to decide between using automation lanes vs CC Data.

What are the pros/cons of each? Is it simply a visibility issue, where some people prefer to edit in the arrange view and others in the key Editor? Or are there other advantages to recording automation as “Lanes” instead of CC Data? It seems like a pain in the ass to always have to remember to have my automation set to WRITE mode, while with Midi CC data it always gets recorded when I record my Midi performance (though conflicting data is very annoying).

Thanks for the help!


Since Cubase 6 (if I remember right) it is possible to adjust MIDI CC curve the same way, as automation. So once you select the range, you can increase/decrease it, change the beginning or end, etc. From this point of view, it’s the same.

But anyway, MIDI CC is more oriented to the editing every single event separately (with the option to edit them together and also edit them as an automation). Automation (you call it Lanes) are more “curve” oriented. So you have a starting point and the final point values, and you don’t know exactly, what is in between.

Until Cubase 6, I personaly prefered automation, because I’m more “curve”-oriented in my thinking of MIDI Controllers, which I feel more “analog” (there are no “switches”, but changes in the time). But since I’m able to edit MIDI CC the same way as an automation in the KeyEditor, I prefere MIDI Part CCs, because it’s directly integrated in my “MIDI editor”, ie. KeyEditor.

I hope, this personal point of view helps.