Automation lanes data is not visible on the tracker

Hey guys,

I’ve recorded a midi performance with several automation tracks at the same time and the automation data is only visible in the Editor panel. Also when I press Show All Used Automation, only 2 automation lanes appear out of 5 that have data.

Why this happens? Is this a bug?

I’m on the lastest Cubase 12 by the way.


The MIDI controllers are not really automation data.

You may be right, but I did another take just before the one on the screenshot and automation lanes with all the curves data were appearing under the VSTi track immediately after I used a CC assigned control on my MIDI keyboard in the realtime and I can’t reproduce this behaviour anymore, even so nothing is changed, only undo-redo and that’s it. So it looks really weird to me.

Could you elaborate please what do you mean by MIDI controller is not really automation?

Well in the generic sense of the word it is a form of automation.

But in Cubase jargon MIDI Controller data, which adjusts stuff like filters on a VSTi, is called MIDI Controller or CC Data to distinguish it from data which is controlling stuff like MixConsole Fader levels or Mute Buttons which is called Automation. While similar in intent CC Data is constrained by the MIDI Spec in how it can behave. While the Automation data is in the hands of the Cubase Devs.


I see, thank you very much.
What I learned so far is also that there is a specific MIDI controller data, which can be saved to MIDI parts only in Cubase, like Velocity or Pitch Bend. Does the same distinction exist for all DAW’s (MIDI protocol specific data for MIDI parts only and MIDI CC that can be saved to autiomation lanes/tracks as well) or it’s Cubase thing?

No, that’s all part of the MIDI spec & not Cubase Specific at all. If you use File>Export>MIDI File… it will save it to a MIDI File that contains all the controller data. And other DAWs should be able to read that data if they open the file.

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Thanks again, that’s good info as well. I meant is there any other DAW capable to put MIDI data like Pitch Bend to automation lanes or it’s impossible with the current MIDI implementation?

I can’t really answer that question. But I’d be quite surprised if most or all didn’t.

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I took a closer look…

If you unfold the automation data list, all MIDI CC are listed.
Aside from not being real automation, you can show the controllers as automation lanes.

Not all of them are there, these guys are only present in MIDI parts:

If I enable Edit In-Place though, I can have everything in one place and a kind of on lanes (CTRL+Shift+i):

Well none of those are cc Data, so that might play into it. Although I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t want to let those items be automated too.

Actually the data you see in the Track’s cc Automation Lanes is normal Automation Data that gets converted to MIDI cc Data when used. It behaves like Automation & not MIDI Data. Coincidental I posted this yesterday.

Understanding CC Data VS Automation data - #5 by raino

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