Automation Lanes - vertical zoom?

Hello friends,

Is there a way to change the vertical zoom on every individual automation lane? I want to be able to see the applied changes without recurring to track height changes.
I like the way the tempo track can be zoomed in by dragging its extreme top and bottom values. Does something like this exist for automation lanes?
This is the situation: some automation parameters for MIDI/Instrument tracks require changes of a few units and the vertical scale consists of 128 units. When I expand the automation lanes, practically no detail is shown unless I make a dramatic change on the automation lane 's vertical height. For instance, if I automate the transpose parameter, creating a +5 event will change the sound noticeably, but the automation curve will hardly show anything noticeable.

I would like automation lanes to display changes that correspond to what I hear. Seeing a flat horizontal line with a change in height of 3 pixels doesn’t correspond with a dramatic transpose change of 5 to 12 semitones.

Thank you!


If I understand your question, you may adjust the track height of the automation lane. Adjust the height manually, set Cubase to auto-expand the selected track (Edit > Enlarge Selected Track), or use the side-menu to adjust the track heights (find the nearly invisible downward pointing triangle on the lower right of the Project Window screen).

Sadly, the line width itself can’t be changed. No matter the track’s height, the line width remains a hairline. A preference for the line width was put in two versions ago, but, so far, we have only the one line width and style. (I’d like to be able to adjust the line widths, colors and line styles – maybe someday…).

Good luck.

P.S. -
Some time ago another user suggested this method for setting automation in VST-2 plug-ins. He said, “What I do in cases like this is, 100 \ 18 (stages) is a value of 5.55 per stage. Usually you dont use them all, so the couple of values you need will stay in your head soon enough.”

This may not apply here, but it seemed worth a mention.

Yes Stephen, what I want to avoid is to have an automation lane with a maxed track height which 98% is showing a straight line and then some little bumps here and there. It just takes too much of my screen’s space.

I would like to be able to leave the automation lane’s track height as is, and only zoom in on the existent automation curve.

Does that make sense?

Yeah. It should scale with the zoom factor so that small changes become clear when you zoom in.

+1 for a good idea.