Automation last touch Parameter

Is it possible to have revile last touch automation parameter in cubase or is there a feature that should be turned on?
I don’t like the recording automation first to find the automation or searching for it in the menu.
Can that be soughed out in the preference.

I don’t understand the question… is it possible to rephrase it?

btw many parameters related to automation are located in the automation panel

Some plugins let you right click a parameter and select ‘show automation track’ or something like that. All built in Cubase plugins do this (and a few others I’ve found), but most others don’t unfortunately.

Otherwise, I haven’t found anything better than finding the parameter in the list.

Enable write, change the parameter, then select show used automation

Ya, or that.

What I meant is, if there is a way the first automation that shows up in the automation lane is the last one touched.


Last touch shows up in the automation lane automatically. Not digging through menu or recording t anything in the automation lane first.

Mega bump! How do we move this FR to the Cubase 12 FR’s?

This is one of the biggest workflow features missing from Cubase in my opinion. Ableton, Bitwig and Logic do this so why not Cubase? With “write” enabled any automate-able parameter (knob, button, fader etc) automatically shows up in the top/first automation lane. The current way of enabling “write” then hitting play then moving the parameter then hitting stop then erasing the unwanted random recorded data just to have that lane ready to edit is not efficient. Some of us like to use our mouse to edit automation and having the lane ready to go automatically the instant you touch or wiggle a knob or fader without the timeline moving just makes sense. Hope this FR gets the attention it deserves especially since most of the other Daw’s already have this simple feature.

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