Automation last touch Parameter

Is it possible to have revile last touch automation parameter in cubase or is there a feature that should be turned on?
I don’t like the recording automation first to find the automation or searching for it in the menu.
Can that be soughed out in the preference.

I don’t understand the question… is it possible to rephrase it?

btw many parameters related to automation are located in the automation panel

Some plugins let you right click a parameter and select ‘show automation track’ or something like that. All built in Cubase plugins do this (and a few others I’ve found), but most others don’t unfortunately.

Otherwise, I haven’t found anything better than finding the parameter in the list.

Enable write, change the parameter, then select show used automation

Ya, or that.

What I meant is, if there is a way the first automation that shows up in the automation lane is the last one touched.