Automation Lines: Can line width, colors be changed?

Hi Cubase Experts,

Is there any way to change the line width and/or colors for Automation Lines? I have a 27" screen, but still I find the thin, hairlines used in Cubase (Pro8) automation too thin and too light in color for comfort. I’d prefer thicker, darker or differently colored lines for my automation tracks. Any suggestions or references on this? Thanks. :slight_smile:


You cannot change the color of the Autiomation track. The Automation track color is always the same, as the related Audio/Instrument/MIDI/FX/Group track.

Yes, you can change the width of the Autiomation track. Do it exactly the same, as changing width of any other track. By using vertical zoom, or by mouse (click inbetween two tracks, and move the mouse).

Thank you Martin, but track width is not the issue.

What I want to change is the color and width of the Automation Lines themselves. The Automation Lines are too thin and the light blue color is not a comfortable viewing color for me. I’d rather have, say, Red or Green lines and I really need thicker lines, more like 1 Point line rather than the Hairline the program uses.

All the best. :slight_smile:


I see, now I got your point. You want to change the line width.

Then I’m sorry to say, this is also not possible.

You can change the color of an automation track the same way as with other tracks (ctrl + mousewheel or select + colorpanel). Found out by accident :wink:

Oh really? Is it independent on the source track?

I had the same accident! LOL I was looking for a right-click menu to change line widths and the color menu appeared. Thanks for mentioning this.

Thanks for confirming that, Martin. I posted about this over in Feature Requests.

Take care.

Nice! Thanks.

yup, if you change the track color the auto lane changes to the same color… not sure if its separate from the actual track color though…

Thanks, but the question was about the attributes of the Automation Lines, not Lanes. :slight_smile: I find the lines too thin and the color not vivid or bright enough…

I posted it as a feature request…maybe one day Cubase will offer this option, but it does not as yet.

I got ya… I just hoped making it a bright red might make a little easier to spot. Lots of customization opening would make base a bit better.

I will try changing the Track colors around and perhaps that will help the Lines and Nodes be more visible for me. I think that might help. I’ll try some different settings. Thanks, Tek


this needs to be fixed!!! VERY ANNOYING