Automation: "Manual" punch-out triggering

Pro Tools has this. It’s a simple button that when pressed triggers punch-out conditions without stopping playback or changing the desired automation state (write on/off, latch/touch etc).


  1. I set a track with automation already written to it to write enable / latch
  2. Press play
  3. Begin to write automation in latch mode
  4. Want to stop automation write and return to previously written automation AND

a - not stop playback
b - not change write enable / auto type

This is where that button press would engage auto-match.

Also; it would be a good feature (better than PT’s) to have this on a per-track basis if possible (perhaps via key command). Use the example above but when writing automation (#3 above) you begin to write on several tracks during the same section, and when you want to return automation to normal it applies to one track only, not the rest. In PT (to my knowledge) auto-matching then = punching out all tracks, meaning I’ll need to keep touching the tracks I want to keep writing while triggering punch-out on the rest.

Sure could use this, +1

As per suggestion I created a macro that consists of:

“Automation - write automation for selected tracks on/off”
“Automation - write automation for selected tracks on/off”

and trigger it with a key command. It actually does exactly what I was looking for.

If this requires a bunch of development time to accomplish I’m actually fine with the macro-workaround and rather have them work on getting the Control Room GUI to not suck instead.

good option, Thanks Lydiot



Turns out the keycommand macro workaround **doesn’t actually work in the mixer! I**t only works in the project window.

I wonder why on earth commands that affect automation states aren’t available in the mixer. If there was one place in an application where I’d use automation of parameters wouldn’t it be the darn mixer?

Hello? Steinberg? Anybody there?

Has this been solved in 6.5?

This is just nonsensical…