Automation missing after a save?

Heya all,

So, i’ve done a whole load of automation moves on a few effect plugins. Saved a new version of my project as i normally do, continued etc. I then go back to the latest save of the project today and the automation for the plugins is gone?

I’ve checked the version from the day before and it’s all there? Hmmmmf… i mean, this is automation across multiple tracks, so there’s no way i could have somehow deleted them, so, i dunnno. I’m at a loss. I can recover most of the work, albeit possibly without some of the nuancing i may have done, but now i’m just bloody worried… is this going to happen again? All of my volume automation seems intact and present.

Not that it matters, but the plugins were both third party, Soundtoys Alter Boy and NI Raum.

Any insights appreciated…


edit: using latest Cubase Pro, all up to date etc.