Automation names in project window indistinguishable from each other

Hello Steinberg devs or anyone hopefully reading this. First of all, I’m quite happy with the changes in Cubase 13 (see below)

One issue though:
Cubase 12

Cubase 13

In C12 it was already difficult to distinguish automation but at least the way the ellipsis was placed you could differentiate.
In C13 I basically get the same info and need to hover to see what it actually is.

I’d like to:

  • rename automation if possible (the same way it works for QC) or
  • revert to the old style of shortening the names

That being said there have been some substantial changes to the UI and window management. As a developer I appreciate the effort and hope that this will make it easier for you to add subsequent changes.

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Add the ferature-request tag to your post, or support another post with this request, which has been made already, please.

Alright. I consider this a feature regression though, not a “feature” that is missing.


I noticed this too, immediately upon using Pro 13 (Windows 11). I use a VST called Blue Cat’s Patchwork on every track/insert in my projects. Can you tell which parameters I’m automating here? Me neither.

For insert effects parameters, I see absolutely nothing unless I hover over the automation lane with my cursor. For some reason, with VST instrument parameters I still get the last 1 (sometimes 2) characters of the parameter to appear on the automation track, but this still isn’t practical.

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