Automation Node Behavior

In Cubase 6, the automation nodes show only when the mouse is pointed in a particular automation lane.This s is different from previous versions where the nodes were always showing. Anyway to change this behavior?

I, too, would like to change this behaviour. It’s very difficult to edit automation if you’re not zoomed in, and changing automation values in the Info Line is impossible if you cannot see which node is selected,

anyone found a way to change this?


I can’t find the actual post now, but someone did already post the answer to this…

When the main Ruler is set to Time Linear, tempo nodes… and automation nodes… are visible always.
When the main Ruler is set to Bars+Beats Linear, if the horizontal zoom is below a certain threshold, the nodes are visible only when hovering over the track.

In my case, the nodes are not visible at any zoom level.

But moving the cursor on to the automation lane lights up the nodes for that lane only at any zoom level.

Is there a preference for this?

No one else have issues with this new node behaviour? I’ve not been able to find a way to change this,

:confused: (did I write my reply above in invisible ink? ) :wink:

As I don’t use Time Linear, it was for all intents in my mind… invisible. :unamused:

It is exactly as you describe. One will have to use Time Linear to always see the nodes.

Haha! No, but I too was unable to find the post you was referring to. Perhaps that one was written in invisible ink!


Well it’s still an issue so - feature or whatever - can we try to generate enough interest to get it looked at and addressed, seeing as there seem to be plenty besides me who don’t like it? From what I read here it seems about as popular as the vanishing Scissors Tool in VariAudio (which was dealt with).