Automation not playing back until project restart

Hey folks. I’ve had a longtime issue with automation that I’ve never figured out. If I record automation using a physical controller (previously it was my Artist Mix controller, now it’s an NI Komplete Kontrol S88), I can hear the changes I’m making (volume changes, filter cutoff sweeps, etc.) and I can see the automation data getting written in the lanes, but on hitting stop, the automation I’ve recorded doesn’t play back. The automation lanes I’ve recorded on stay red, same with the W icon, even after deselecting it, and changing to another track makes no difference.

Oddly enough, if I were to draw in the same automation with the pencil, there’s no issue, everything works as expected. If I close the project and reopen it, everything works fine, so I’m able to still make use of the fancy fader moves, but having to reload the project to hear it work is a bit of a momentum killer.

Clearly I’ve got something set up incorrectly or I’m going about it wrong, any suggestions?



There is another thread describing this issue “Automation stay in Write Mode”. Make sure, you don’t have any MIDI feedback loop in your system, please.