Automation not recording from CC Learned control

I was using Halion Sonic SE in Cubase 10 this evening and wanted to record automation for the cutoff filter for a track. It worked using the mouse, but I thought I’d try mapping it to a rotary on my Roland A-800 Pro MIDI controller using ‘CC Learn’ for better control. Easy enough, and I could control the cutoff just fine when not recording. However when I started recording automation, it no longer controlled the cutoff filter on HSse. When I stop recording, the rotary on my A-800 Pro once again controls the cutoff filter.

I was able to control the cutoff filter while recording with my CC121’s AI knob. I locked it to the cutoff filter and was able to record. However, I didn’t really like using the AI knob because the rotation ratio was very low, i.e., I had to keep rotating the AI knob very fast just to get small increases in the rotation of the cutoff knob on Halion Sonic. When I was controlling it with my A-Pro, the ratio was close to 1:1 and it was much easier to use, except it doesn’t work while recording.

Is there something I need to do to be able to do this with my A-Pro, or is this a bug?



Where did you click the CC Learn? Did you use the Track Quick Controls, VST Quick Controls or Generic Remote Device? What is the settings?

Hi Martin,

I right clicked on the Cutoff knob in Halion Sonic and selected ‘CC Learn’ then rotated the rotary knob on my A-Pro and it detected it, and the cutoff frequency was controlled by my A-Pro. Except when recording automation.


Most probably the MIDI CC you send is assigned to the Track or VST Quick Controls. Double-check the Studio > Studio Setup > Track Quick Controls and VST Quick Controls and make sure the MIDI Input of both is set to Not Connected.