Automation of a multichannel instrument (Halion 4)

Q: In Cubase 6.5, when we use the VST Instrument Panel to create an instance of Halion 4 as a multichannel instrument, then assign a channel of it to a midi track in Cubase, is it possible to automate in the track the various functions of Halion 4? I know that this is possible when dealing with an instrument track (single instrument, not multichannel), but I can’t find a way to automate the Halion 4 parameters when it is a multichannel instance in a (midi) track.

Yes you can. In the MIDI track, you will find automation of all MIDI CCs. If you want to automate HALion parameters directly, you can find this in the HALio n4 track. You can find this track in the VST Instruments folder. There is HALion 4 folder. In this folder, there are 2 tracks:

  • HAL4 Main – which is output of HALion 4
  • HALion 4 – which is the track, you are interested in.

Thank you very much, Martin.Jirsak for your fast response and very informative guidance! Cubase 6.5 has lots of possibilities.

Yes, it has. I’m surprised very often too. :wink:

You are welcome, good luck!