Automation of channel change

In the Halion Sonic SE3 interface you apparently can add 16 instruments to a single track. I figured out that changing the channel in that track’s Inspector lets me choose which channel will sound.

The question is, (how) can these channel changes be automated?

You don’t automate them.
You would normally use 16 midi tracks each with its own channel, output to this multitimbral instrument.
You can also change each midi note on a track in the INFO line to a different channel.
There are other ways as always.

I have Elements 9.5, which come with a limitation on the number of tracks. Adding 16 midi tracks would eat quickly through that limit.

Besides, it’s also unpractical. Suppose I have a VST instrument for a symphonic harp. The 7 different ways of playing it are stored in 7 separate VSTIs in their own right (full keyboard). Should I create seven MIDI tracks for each of these VSTIs? That would take up a lot of unnecessary screen real estate, not to mention muddle things up. Also, some of these VSTIs will be used perhaps once in a piece, but require a whole track.

Being able to use them all (be it only one at a time) on a single track would be much more concise and practical.

You can use Key Editor to change the MIDI channel of individual notes/sections (if you assign “Any” to the Channel from Cubase).
The usual way is to use separate, tracks though…it’s a lot easier IMO.

Just did this but switching to Any defeated the Volume automation (the automation lane greyed out), is that the correct behavior?

Is that possible to change channel using Expression Map? As you guess, This enables me to do this in the Score editor.

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