Automation of Midi Device Panels

I’m confused by the way the automation data from a midi device panel gets recorded. Written Automation data from a Midi Device Panel ends up in a completely new track instead of the original midi track where the Device is inserted. Why?! And it is not linked to the original track either, so when I move the original midi-part the automation data will not move along.

In other words: Is there a way to link Midi Device Panel automation to the original midi track?

In the Preferences, choose Editing on the left side. Make sure, the “Automation follows Events” is checked. See the attachment.
Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 12.08.51.png

Thanks, but is is on. The problem is that Cubase generates a new automation track next to the midi track you’re recording on and edits are not followed because the tracks are not linkable. This only happens when you use Midi Device Panels.

I see. I didn’t automate data from MIDI Device Panel ever…

Can you try to make folder track, add both track to this folder, and then move data of the folder? It should works. If you move regions in the folder, it moves all events packed in the folder.

One step closer! Thanks Martin. Putting both tracks in the same folder allows you to duplicate (CTRL+D) all the data at once. Unfortunately it does not work on moving or editing the original folder-part. I must say this is the strangest behaviour of Cubase.

+1 to reveal that myst)

Thanks for this. I thought I missing something!
But I’d really like if moving of device knobs would be written on midi track!
It weird cause device panel read automation from midi track (when i draw automation on midi - knobs on device panel moving), but dont sent automation to midi track. why?((