Automation of Mute on Midi Track


It is my experience that automation of MUTE on MIDI tracks is buggy in some situations. If I create a MIDI track and connect it to the Mystic VST Instrument and then automate MUTE on the MIDI track the mute behavior is “random”. Sometimes notes play when they should be muted and the other way around. If I set the project temp to 40 the problem goes away!?

I am using Cubase 5.5.3.


Better off automating Mute on the Instrument channel.

That doesn’t quite behave the same way though. Muting the instrument channel kills any ‘fading’ sounds still playing while muting midi would just stop the next note from playing.

I use multiple midi tracks with the same instrument. If I mute the instrument all the tracks stops playing. I have found a workaround. Automation of “Midi Inserts” works, so I create an “Midi Insert” that kills everything, and then use automation to turn it on and off. But the mute problem is still uncool.


Clever workaround!