Automation of reverb tail

Is there any way to automate the tail of a reverb? I know I can automate the amount of send, but I think I need to automate only the tail.

I have an orchestra section in which I am using REVelation and the Concert Hall Warm patch. I would like the last note to have the maximum tail so that the section can “linger” a little after the note finishes. The rest of the piece needs a normal tail. So effectively on the last note only I need to push the reverb tail up from 30% to the maximum.

Or maybe there is another way to achieve the effect I need? I would appreciate any suggestions.

You can automate any parameter as long as the FX allows it.

You can automate every parameter available in REVerence.

So try automating the ER Tail Mix parameters in combination with some automated volume increase. That would probably do it.

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Reverb ducking might help.

Thanks. However, in the automation list I cannot see a ER/tail parameter - which is the slider in REVelation that I need to control.

I am not familiar with “reverb ducking” - I’ll read up on it!

You could just use automation to raise the fader on the channel where the reverb is located. This won’t work if the tail totally drops off before you want it to end. But it’s easy to try manually and see what happens.

Or you could add a 2nd longer reverb that you only enable on the final note.

Or you could temporarily set Revelation to have a long tail and render the reverb on the last note. Then use this audio to add the extra tail.

The easiest way is to send it to an FX channel with a whole separate reverb configured to the exact sound you want, then use automation to enable the reverb at the end.


Great ideas, I’ll give them a try. Many thanks!