Automation on Bus Group problem?

Not entirely sure why but some of my bus channels won’t allow me to change my automation group to volume? Every other option works like mute, linked pan etc etc but volume just doesn’t do anything when you click it…is this a known bug?

Groups have no track data available, so default data shown, is the volume automation.

I think you may not be understanding. On my screenshot where it says link panner, that can be changed to different options and usually defaults to volume, for some reason when i try to change link panner to volume, it does absolutely nothing and wont change to volume so I can automate it.

Volume automation for that track is already displayed as marked:

I think both of you seem to be missing FuntCase’s actual point, which was that the automation track isn’t showing.

In the image it shows on the track called “VOCALS BG-” but not on the enlarged track “VOCALS ADLIB”. On the latter it’s “Linked Panner” and FuntCase wants to be able to just click there and select volume so it’s the same as on “VOCALS BG-”.

FuntCase - whish I could help. Does this happen on many tracks or just that one? All projects or just that project?

You’re correct that’s what im trying to get at. As far as i’ve noticed it’s only this project but yes, it’s refusing to change to volume drop down even though it shows in the drop down menu and i click it.

The group track shows automation data, nothing else to display.


The default is always visible.


I tried a short GIF (my first)



This is most likely the answer.

Are we going mental?
The volume automation is directly on the Group Track by default. This is the case also in the screenshot provided.
Just that the “Vocals BG-” track was actually vertically resized so that it can be seen more clearly.
The reason why you cannot chose Volume for an additional automation lane is that you can only have Volume once per track (as with any other parameter as a matter of fact).