Automation on Group linked to VCA.. touch merges.


I have a group that I added a VCA to. I then lowered the VCA basically using it as a master trim. I then needed to further automate the group fader. What happed was that as soon as I “touch” the group fader it merges with the lowered VCA. messed up any move that I made. Is there a way to turn off this behavior? It’s like a real-time merge.

See image. (bottom line is VCA volume, top is group volume) …
There was no automation move done here, just a “touch” of the armed fader .


Can anyone verify this?

Am I missing something here… Is this intended functionality?


I guess no one else experiences this. I suppose one has to “combine automation of VCA and linked channels” before making another automation pass on the “linked channel”.

I don’t think this is intended functionality. I could be wrong.