Automation Only Works With Some Plug-ins?

Just wanted to check real quick to make sure it wasn’t just me: even though every plug-in has a [R][W] at top doesn’t necessarily mean that recording automation will work?

Yes, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work, but most of the parameters should be available–it’s part of the VST specification

There’s a setting in the automation panel which shows automation as it is written in the project window, i.e. any new automation recorded will come into view, you’ll see the lane appear and the automation being written. This is very useful if you’re having trouble finding what you’re automating! Also, this will tell you if its being recorded or not. Maybe you have a bug or maybe you have some non-automatable parameters??


Thanks for the feedback. Needed a sanity check…

I’ve found now some of my plugs have a parameters page which lets you assign what you’re going to automate. Maybe these are not automatically automatable.

Might be worth mentioning the plugins you’re using and the OS etc. Also, are you talking about midi control maybe rather than automation using the automation lanes?