Automation precision latency dependent!

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Yeah, its always been this way as far as i remember. Thats why when doing summing/nulling tests, I insist on doing them with the same audio buffer lenght. Sometimes this is why people think a daw, or a new version of it, sounds better (aside from panning laws), when in fact they have just changed the buffer / latency…Annoying, yes.

slighty speechless why this issue doesn´t get much attention - do you like your automation getting unprecise while mixing with higher latency settings?


I honestly cant believe this problem even exists in Cubase 7, and that they can legally still say its a professional software…
I made the move from FL Studio to Cubase thinking it was a step up, it was huge step down, yes cubase is wonderfully rich with great feature’s but this problem is really terrible… I’m now back using FL Studio as it actually works the way cubase should already be working… I will not be able to use cubase properly until this issue is fixed…
I would not have purchased this software if I had known this issue was present :frowning:

here you find the corresponding topic in the “reported issues” forum.

support much apprechiated!