Automation problem in audio mixdown from retrolouge

Hy all,
I have a problem about the audio mixdown because when I export the audio it sounds different than in the original cubase project. It seems during the exporting only the Retrologue synth envelope automation did not read by the program. It stays on the same value. It is odd because in the cubase when I play the track it is reading perfectly.
Does anyone have some advice to me what could be the problem? The “read automation is on” of course. Cubase 7.5
Thanks in advance,

I’m experiencing the same thing! Cubase 8.0. I’m using the trial version of the spire 1.1 plugin and the volume automation of that vst plugin is not heard when you export. Hmmm it just struck me that it could be the fact that it’s a trial version that is the problem here?

I have the same problem with the export in Nuendo7, even while using stock plugins that came with Nuendo 7.