Automation problems

I am having trouble using the automation editor to adjust volume levels in tracks. I select a track and hit the automation item on the inspector, and select volume as the item to automate. I am in read mode. The only menu item I can use is “draw”, the others, such as “select”, “reduce”, “move”, etc can not be activated(selected). I must be doing something wrong, but so far the help guides have proved unhelpful. Is there a video tutorial that goes thru how to edit automation on a track (not live) that is step by step so I can see what is supposed to happen and what I’m doing wrong?

I believe you need to have W(rite) engaged to edit. R(ead) usually locks the automation. Once your edits are done, deactivate W.


Hi Midiexpert,

Seems I have overseen this topic, sorry for my late reply.
Please have a look if this tutorial is of any help for you: