Automation Question

I have a project where I recorded 5 different bands at a open mic style evening. They all were recorded on one project consisting of 8 tracks. Each band recorded are quite different so require very different mixing. For the first band I used automation but when it comes to a new band, I need completely different plug-ins and panning and levels. When I am ready for a new set of automation and hit the write button it jumps to what the previous automation was and then from there I can edit it. But for each new band I want to start of fresh without loosing the previous automation.

Is there a way to start off with a new set of levels etc and start the automation from those new positions with its effects without reverting or destroying the earlier automation settings?

Is it possible to have more than one of the same automation channels per track?

I’m finding what I need hard to explain so if anyone understands what I’m getting at, it is greatly appreciated!

It sounds like it might be easier to break the recordings up into five different projects. This way of doing it might be a touch over-complicated.

Someone else wil surely chime in too…

Managing all five bands on the same eight tracks is way more work than it needs to be. Either,

a) As mentioned, split the performances and create five separate projects.

b) Split the performances and move them to their own sets of tracks (so you’ll have 5 x 8 = 40 tracks) in a single project.

Option ‘b’ gives you some continuity if you’re trying to make a continuous mix of the entire night. Plus, you can share any effects busses if needed.