Automation Question

For some reason the starting volume seems to be stuck at -2.29. I did an automation pass with the start volume at -2.72 which is the proper volume. I can’t do a pass with my original starting volume. Any suggestions?

Hm. I don’t think I understand the question.

What do you mean by “starting volume”? And what do you mean by “automation pass”?

Are you saying that you are attempting to automate the volume of a particular track, and that the initial volume read from the automation lane at the beginning of the project is set at -2.29 and you intend it to be set at -2.72? Or… exactly what is the difference between what you intend to do, and what is actually happening?

There are many ways to record and edit automation. And I think you’ve left out some variables in laying out exactly what you want to do.

Ok. The starting volume on the track was -2.71. A minute or so later I dipped it to -2.29. Now, each time I go the the left locator the beginning volume is -2.29.

Wrong automation mode.

Right automation mode?

Open the automation panel. Either under the project menu or by selecting F6. My guess is that you have one of the fill options locked on in a continuous state (maybe “start” or maybe “loop”). If one of them is on, click it once to turn it off.

Thanks. Got it sorted out.