Automation Question

I recently tried to use automation to make a volume adjustment on a track. As soon as I highlight the green Read button the track mutes and there’s no sound. I’ve never had this happen on other recordings I’ve made on Cubase. Not sure what to do to get it working. Suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks.

You say “the track mutes.” Do you mean the Mute comes on when you put the track into “Read” mode, or is the audio just no longer playing from Stereo Out? Do you see activity on the meters, but just have no sound? Are you sure you have not automated the track volume to zero? Sounds odd. I’ve never seen anything like this. Good luck sorting it out.

First thing I’d try is: Right click on the track name > Show Used Automation (Selected Tracks). This will show any automation that you have programmed and you can see if you have accidentally written a Mute command, or Volume command etc.

The same happens to me (not always, so I never know what would happen when the project is exported).

Mutes, caused by automated fader doesn’t actually show as MUTE at mixer but the track just stop to play.