Automation questions (multi-edit, paste, stopped control)

Hello to the forum!
I’ve been searching for a while now and haven’t found a solution to the following issues, hopefully someone will know the answer:

  1. I have automation on several tracks and want to move control points on the tracks together. I have tried selecting them all and moving them, but only the single track I dragged moves, the other points stay put although they are selected. I have tried with various tools selected and with all combinations of shift, ctrl and alt. Is this possible?
    As an annoying workaround, I have use the project logical editor for this purpose, but it is really not convenient. Cutting and pasting is OK, but it is still not as good as dragging. Dragging audio events from different tracks works, so I figured there’s a way to do it with automation as well.

  2. When pasting control points onto an empty space in an automation track, a new control point is created which pushes the automation back to the original value. Is there a toggle to make it not add that point? i.e leave the automation value the same as the last control point?

  3. When playback is not running, moving an automated control jumps back to the automation value, regardless if Write is enabled or not. Is there a way to record the control’s value while being not playing or the only way is while playing / writing on the track?


point 1, select the points and use the info line.

Points 2 and 3 look at the automation panel

  1. Using the info line is not intuitive. You have to set exact values, or handle with care when moving position because it is very sensitive. If that’s the only solution, it still easier than the editor, but it is seems counter intuitive (compared to audio events).

2 & 3. I have looked, tried every feature and read the manual inside-out.

  1. I thought Auto-Latch would help, but that’s only when writing while playing and up to the point of stopping. I have thought “to end” or whatever would help, but that’s only when writing while playing and until the end rather than the next point.

  2. No feature is even relevant to this. They only affect what happens when writing while playing.

At least the info line will move all selected points on multiple tracks.
Have you tried using the Range tool and Trim Mode?

How would one use the Range tool and Trim mode to solve the issues I have noted?

Also, is there a method to set the “Automation Return Time” to infinity? Doing so will solve the paste issue. It seems capped at 2 seconds.

Weird, I thought the Shift modifier should work to give you more precision in the info line box… But apparently not. I think it should!


re 1: this is possible. use modifier keys and all the automation events will move at once on multiple tracks; no need for infoline thankfully.

OK, yes, that’s good. If you rubber band several automation points on several lanes then you can use the handles at the edge of the grey box to adjust the points, and if you press CTRL (on PC) then you will adjust all selected lanes at the same time.

The thing is though that unless you selected more than two points on one single lane then you don’t get a grey box, and therefore you don’t get any handles, so you’re stuck with having to use the info line because the CTRL modifier doesn’t work in that case.


oh ok, i see! i don’t think i’ve actually ever needed that. i guess that’s that then. :confused:

(i did program ahk macros to make the mouse go to infoline, change something and come back to where it was, but it is quite a bit of work it may not pay off.)

What do you mean by “rubber band”?
I have tried with Object Selection tool (1) and with Range Selection tool (2).

With (1), I can’t seem to find the handles at the edge of the gray box to move the points. I find only the Scale/Stretch/Tilt controls, nothing that lets me move the points around. And even these only modify the specific lane.

With (2), I can move the points, but it leaves unwanted automation points when I move it.

You don’t need AHK to move things, you can use the project logical editor for that and set it to a key.

OK so I succeeded editing something on multiple lanes. But it only edits the automation beneath the volume automation. So I’m still stuck with not handling Volume and as before I can’t move the points in time, only somehow very awkwardly with scaling and tilting. Very situational and useful to me.

Is there anything else to alleviate the problems in these 3 issues? :frowning:

as in, you can move any automation lane but the volume? (that sounds odd indeed.) however - assuming this is a PLE job - you should be able to target your macro to the specific lane (via ‘event attribute / is set / selected’), right?

No. What I meant that using the modifier keys I’ve succeeded on moving something on multiple lanes at once.
PLE works fine, it’s just counter-productive VS just dragging the points. I have expected it to work like dragging multiple events on the arrange window or multiple notes on the key editor.