Automation read issue

First up, SORRY if this has been brought up before.

Anyone else experience volume automation not reading in certain sections?
I’ve never seen this on earlier versions of Nuendo from V2->V7 but now seeing this more and more lately (last few updates)

Even if I re-write the automation fade, Nuendo does not “see” the volume automation values.
If I select the problematic automation and move it up and down with the mouse, the problem is resolved.

No need to apologize.
Are you using virgin territory and/or VCAs?

No & No.
This can happen when automation is written before and after section that isn’t “seen” by N8.
Have tried exporting, as opposed to just listening to the section, and the automation data is not read.

Could you post a session file (withoout media), so that we can see if this happens on other machines as well?
The only thing that I can think of is that it could be related to automation thinning that is maybe set too high. It’s available somewhere via the peferences layer of the automation panel.

Not thinning at all. You might be on the right track though. I’ll change the thinning value and see if it resolves the issue.