Automation record goes back to previously recorded track

Cubase 13 AI, Windows 11

Issue with multiple tracks for each of which I need to write some automation.
Despite me choosing to record a specific track (both ‘Record enabled’ and ‘Automation write’ are enabled) Cubase keeps jumping to record previously recorded track (disabling ‘Record enabled’ on a track I’m working with, and enabling it on some previous track).

So it goes like this:

  1. I recorded an automation on a track (Record enabled, Automation write).
  2. I finished recording an automation (Stop, Automation write unchecked).
  3. I click on a next track (Record enabled automatically goes there, and I manually activate Automation write).
  4. I press ‘Start’.
  5. At the time, I move the modulation wheel, Record enabled becomes unchecked on the track I’m working with and becomes enabled on the previous track.

Solutions to this situation for me could be different:

  1. Sometimes it helps if I press ‘Record’ instead of ‘Start’.
  2. Sometimes it helps if I solo/unsolo and solo again the current track.
  3. Sometimes it helps if I explicitly checked/unchecked ‘Record enabled’ on affected tracks.

Here are screenshots:

  1. Prepare to record automation:

  2. Click ‘Start’:

  3. Move the modulation wheel: