Automation recording stops after loop

Hi. quick question: I’m recording automation on a loop, but when the loop repeats, the automation I’m doing on an eq stops recording, how do I change this so it keep recording until I’m happy with the take?

Also while I’m here, if anyone knows how to stop Cubase selecting the wrong aux channel when I click on the channel button in a midi instrument (kontakt for example)? It always selects the 1st audio channel but if I’m wanting to edit aux 2 for example I have to find it in the project, I’ve had this problem since I’ve owned Cubase and it’s so frustrating- must be wasting a lot of time!

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi, I have a new problem related to my original problem, hope someone can help.

I’ve setup an audio channel to record live automation of a filter cutoff of a bass synth. To be able to automate the filter cutoff I have to arm the midi channel, however this means when it loops the 2nd time it is reading the automation from the 1st take. Is there a way to record the automation continuously in one loop, the only way I can think to do it is copy and paste the midi part a hundred times and record one long piece of audio.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve had the same problem as you, after reading through the handbook I found that you have to go to the automation panel, click on the small options wheel at bottom left and there activate the third box “continue writing” or similar (I have the german version installed"