Automation relative to main volume

I am quite sure I saw something like this some time ago, and yet now I can’t find it: there was a way automate “relatively” to the fader’s position, meaning that you can, e.g. draw a volume automation to go up 10 db and then back down, without fixing the volume the level before the automation. Did I just imagine this?


VCA Faders? Or Trim?

Uhm, no, that wasn’t it. You know when you look at the automation visualization, so with all the points and lines connecting them? Normally there is always a line between point, but here you had the beginning and ending point of the automation bit just “floating”, and all the points in between would represent offsets with respect to the current value of the fader.

I don’t remember seeing that. Basically, the first automation point added moved the line to the left of it to that level. And the last point added was the value to the right.

Why do you want/need this? Maybe that will spur some suggestions for you.

Maybe you remember seeing the line that represents where the fader is set?

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Do you mean Virgin theory?


Right :smiley:

I don’t know, I went through all the latest “what’s new in Cubase X.Y” videos and couldn’t find it. Must have imagined it :frowning:
Still, I think it’d be awesome. Sometimes you need to readjust main levels and you just don’t want to work on the whole automation track…

Well… there might be different methods to do that but, I am used to using the “Info Line” and changing the gain level there. Meaning, I just type in a +/- value in the “volume” field on audio tracks (can’t remember the name of the field on instrument or midi tracks). This changes the “master” volume of the highlighted event.

Maybe you can use this method?

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