Automation resolution

i cannot find anymore the place where one could determine the resolution of the written automation.
i strangely get sometimes a drastic reduction of resolution and sometimes Cubase writes in high resolution.
the reduction level in the automation panel does not achieve the desired results here…?



Open Automation Panel (F6), in the left bottom corner click to the settings.

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the field: reduction level does not seem to have the effect i expect. i assume reduction level 10 should result in a relatively high resolution, a level of 90 should simplify the automation curve drastically. i tried but it doesn’t happen that way…?

What is your HW controller?

Are you sure, the data is reduced after? Can you confirm, there is enough data transmitted from your HW controller and received to Cubase? I mean, isn’t it somehow reduces before already?

what i am saying is that Cubase does NOT behave that way. i never change the reduction parameter. still, i get different resolution behaviour in a random way. mostly i get a high reduction in data. but seemingly random i get full resolution data without having touched the reduction parameter. when i DO change that reduction parameter C does not respond with a changed amount of automation points.


I cannot reproduce it here. The Reduction Level works as expected for me here.

What kind of curve do you write? You can see it the best, if you try to Write linear curve. If the Reduction Level is High, the curve is replaced by 2 nodes with the line in-between. If the Reduction Level is Low, you can see more detailed changes and the curve is not linear at the end, but it’s as you really wrote it.

Which parameter are you trying to automate?
The Cubase default mixer strip parameters (volume, filters) do not automate at sample accurate rate, so depending on your buffer size, you may hear different things.