Automation return to initial value

Hey folks,

I’ve been recently trying to optimise my automation workflow and therefore studied the manual. I came across the following section on page 584:

When no automation data exists for a particular parameter, the starting point of an automation pass is saved as the initial value. When you punch out of the automation pass, it is this initial value to which the parameter will return.

It kinda sounds like what the Touch mode does when there is some previous written data.
So far so good, but the manual claims, that this particular behaviour will ALWAYS occur since the first written automation point will define the “initial value” where the automation line will return to, after punching out the automation.

Unfortunately this does NOT work for ANY of the automation modes at all. Except you have some automation written before. In this case Touch will return after losing the fader and Latch after hitting stop. But according to the manual this should even work without existing data.

Did anyone else experience this? Is it a bug or am I missing something?