Automation Shape Tools - new protocol: Automation Events (Sine, Triangle, Parabola, etc)

because of another members critique of the new CC/Automation curves not including or translating to shapes, I thought of this feature.

The Automation shape tools (triangle, sine, parabola, etc) when used, would instead create an “automation event” with particular possibility for unique behaviours or presets for each shape type, as continuous objects, rather than series of points.

This would for example, allow the Sine shape to expand/contract after it has been placed. This would also allow for much more complex shapes, like a Sine in which its summary direction curves and expands at the same time.

It would be likely that you want users to be able to flatten these events into the regular automation, with maybe a user definable resolution.

Idea 2
This inspired another idea. ‘Automation Part’', which behaves in difference exactly the same as Audio/MIDI Parts vs Events. With a part, you can create a shared copy.

This would also create a box around a section of automation, making it easy to do a normal copy, and or a shared copy, meaning you could have that Automation Part in one chorus and editing it would relay to other automation sections.

Nice. Like your additions too.

Though honestly, the topic is a well known request in SB HQ since I can remember from Cubase 5 days… I thought that finally, now, with the new curves ability in C11, this would be sorted - as a matter of course…

hopefully development accelerates now that they are no longer confined to working within cross platform development (Windows 7+10)

Other DAWs had the benefit of being created later without having to worry about backwards compatibility. So far C11 is the first version which will not even install on Win7 (though copying from Windows 10 works)… So it will be interesting to see if there is an increase in rate of development by C12.

For you maybe; not for me. :wink:

Waited (with that so called ‘interest’) long enough. Have moved on - along with the competition. Its just disappointing; here we are 9 or 10 years later, and they couldn’t include the new curves into the Line type drawing/editing options. You know, like in exactly the place they’d be needed/most effective. Yeah.?

Interesting, there’s so many thing in Cubase I could never leave for other DAWS.

Just curious, which DAW has continuous Sines? I’d like to see how implemented