Automation speed and accuracy in Cubase

Some context: Since last year I am trying to improve the quality of my mixes and masters, so I started to add kick and snare sidechain and other techniques on bass and guitars (Normally I use midi drums and real bass/guitars).
The thing is that I don’t have sidechain because my cubase is elements v10.0, So what I am doing is to add equalizers and then automatize the mix output of the equalizer plugin so it only triggers when there is a kick/snare (you will see in the photo below, I use f6 from Waves).

The thing is, I suspect probably cubase automation is not fast/accurate enough for this purpose, the equalizer triggers last about 50-100 ms. So what I would say it could be happening is:

1: there is a delay between automation and the actual response of the plugin. In this case the solution would be just moving the automation a little bit earlier.

2: the automation has a reading frequency/interval so that it sends the information to the plugin a certain times in a period. For example, imagine the reading speed is 5ms, so if there is a fast change in automation that lasts less than 5ms, the automation won’t be read correctly.

I would like to know exactly how automation works in cubase and/or plugins, so i’d be very grateful if someone can answer this question. Also be free to share other different techniques that can do the job in Elements, I don’t want to spend 200$ because sidechain is the only thing I miss from Artist :smiley: