Automation stays stuck on Record and Write modes


I’ve upgraded to Cubase 11. I noticed right away that there are bugs with the automations on this version. The main issue is: if you have a plug-in opened, and you click on the W symbol to activate the automation, then touch a certain knob in the plug-in which triggers the automation writes what you did. Then what happens is when you press on the W button again to de-activate the automation, it stays on without the ability to turn it off (see image attached).

To your attention Steinberg!

This is happening to me too and I’m tearing my hair out trying to finish a project. Steinberg, please fix this!!

This is happening here too almost all the time now. automation gets stuck on red and only closing and opening the project will fix it. But then when opening again, same thing. I can’t use Cubase 11 because of this. BTW, I copied my preferences from Cubase 11 to 10.5 (after backing up first of course) and the automation in 10.5 works as expected.
This very scary and as I said, until I figure out why this is happening, I won’t be using Cubase 11?

I trashed preferences and rebuilt and it seems to be OK now. Very weird and frustrating though…

V 11 still has it? I’m on V 10.0 and that issues goes back at least that far.

Incredible how long Steinberg lets their bugs linger on.

Yes, this happens to me all the time in V11. PLEASE FIX!!!

I save and reopen the project, it’s the quickest way.

And this is the reason I’m not upgrading to new versions anytime soon. Instead of introducing a tiny handful of useless features and charging arm and leg for it Steinberg should focus on fixing all the endless list of bugs they’ve had being reported and ignored for years.

Until then, my money stays in my pocket.

I sometimes get this as well!

If it’s any consolation, you can de-activate and activate the track again to get it un-stuck, faster than restarting the project. Then just click to add an automation point in the previously stuck lanes, and it will also reduce amount of automation points to the setting you have selected as your automation reduction preference.

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Happening again with me…

Happened again yesterday with Cubase 12!


One of the most complex thread is here. Unfortunately we still don’t have reliable reproduction process.

never happened before. Happens since last week form time to time.

I feel like it has something to do with Kilohearts Plugins. Whenever I use them in my projects it happens.