Automation! Still questions on effects routing

Glad to see they added automation to VSTL2. I’ve been using Cubase 13 but will probably switch back to this software. I’m still confused on the best way to route signals. My plan is to have globals for each of three vocalists with their standard chain (Waves PSE, Waves SILK, Waves F6, Vocal Rider Live). I want to have specific effects for different songs only on those songs. In Cubase, I would send the vocal tracks after those plugs to an automated effects track. I see I can create a non-global stack with song specific processing, but I only want to send the signal to the effects after it goes through the above referenced processing. Is there a way to do that? Is my workflow silly? I just want to have vocal (and potential guitar effects) specific to certain songs with, in some case, minimum automation for delays etc. But I don’t want to have to entirely reprocess the inputs on each of the effect channels. Thoughts?

How about this - what if I did the processing on the track for each global (I have tracks sending to the globals so we can record/mix/listen in practice) and then ran the track input into the stack for each song? Wouldn’t that capture the basic processing on the inputs for any song specific stack that track feeds?

Hi! Under Cubase, can you use “song specific sends” on your MIC-inputs? … Yes if you load separated sessions but No, you can’t if staying in the same session and your songs are sitting on the timeline… but you can create e.g. 4 different FX-channels (e.g. room-rev, long-rev, sh-dly, long-dly) and automate SEND your tracks to them, right?

You can do the same with VSTLive.

  • Create (global) STACKS (e.g. VocalChStrip1, VocalChStrip2…)
  • Create 4pcs GRP channels in MIXER view (name them FX-BUS1, FX2… whatever)
  • Insert FXs to each FX* Group channels
    now staying in MIXER view:
  • look to your STACKs (ChannelStrips) Mixer channel, click “e”
  • under SENDS section, address your FX* busses one by one
  • play a little bit with these settings
  • Back to TRACKS view
  • Create Automation trk
  • Map params to pull exactly the same SENDS that you want to adjust song by song
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Thank you, this is very helpful.

What if I had more than 4 effects and don’t want to burn the CPU cycles for all effects at all time. Is there a way to create song specific FX? I’m assuming the group channels will be present in all songs in your example. Let’s say there is one song that uses a CPU-heavy plug and I only want it to work during that one song? I suppose with VST 3 I could automate the plugin to be bypassed.

Thanks again!

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First play with these settings then start combinate the different possibilities (e.g non global stacks, different routing options such as virtual audio loopback to song tracks, etc) after spending time all of them, you will probably find the best to your needs


Also, there are Song Group channels.

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Thank you both. Did one song last night with multiple effect channels (drum fx, vocal fx, and guitar fx). Version 2 appears to be better with resources. M3 Max MacBook running many plugs and still no more than 50% usage. Fantastic! I also love the QC menu on the plugs to change the presets. Now I need to figure out how to automate those preset changes from song to song.