automation stopped showing....

For no reason I know of, suddenly the automation system has gone totally haywire. Automated levels no longer causes faders to move; if I automate a send level it doesn’t move (although the level does actually change), and I can overide the automation by simply moving the level bar - even though the Read buttons are still on.

Bizarre stuff happening with the send boxes - they aren’t responding normally at all.

I am using 7.0.6 64 bit.

and yes I reinitialized it by deleting the app data folder.

Any ideas?

More weirdness. The tabs at the top of the mixer windows that allow you to expand or collapse the racks are acting strange - they don’t work immediately; you have to click on it until the letters blur for a second, close the mixer then reopen…

:blush: :blush: :blush:

i restarted the computer and Cubase is now happy.

Sorry for anyone having to read through this!