Automation Suggestion... EASY way......

Would you like to see this in Cubase? - Select area - grab automation line - raise / lower value

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Automation Suggestion…

Select area - grab automation line - raise / lower value

I know this is how other DAW’s have it. I’d like to see it in Cubase. What a time saver this would be!!!

Do you agree?

great! …lets keep this topic going!

Not quite sure what you mean. Right now we can raise and lower the values of a selected area of automation, so what are you suggesting?


I am suggesting that there would be no need to draw points. When I draw points, the point never seems to go where I want it to go on my automation line, thus changing the value of my automation to something I don’t want. It would be much easier to just use the selector tool to select an area on the automation line, then use the grabber tool to just “grab” the line so you can just raise or lower the value. Easy peasy…


but, in the meantime

yes +1 and vertical snap on automation is a must

one of the biggest workflow killers in cubase is having to switch tools to do this.