Automation temporarily ignored | Cubase Pro 9.5

Hi guys!

I’ve had this problem for a little longer now: I put for example the DualFilter on the drum group and automate it to turn on/off. But
when I play the whole song it seems the automation starts some ms after it should have startet.
So I can hear the first hihat and the attack of the kick altough both high ends should be filtered out.

When I replay the passage it seems to work again. Listening to the whole song or exporting it, same problem.

I already tried to put some nodes way before the actuall passage as I thought it would “help” Cubase. Still no.

Then I removed the first samples (kick and hihat) from the first beat where the filter should filter. But you can hear again, that
the filter/automation isn’t working. Only moved to the right.

Has anyone idead what this could be? Google was of no help.


Hi and welcome,

In general, it’s recommended to don’t start the project at Please keep 1 or 2 first bars empty.