Automation tied to tempo?

I’ve got a project using only MIDI (very rare for me) so far, and I’ve been adjusting tempo. Unfortunately I’ve already written in some automation controller info, and that doesn’t lock to the events when I adjust the tempo up or down. Is there a way to do this, like when I put a MIDI track into “musical” mode?

Also, is there a way to make an already recorded audio track simply follow if I change the tempo later? I know you can “quantize” by marking events, but I’d just want to have the entire audio track go from say tempo 90 to 95 if I decide I want to speed up the song.

Make sure your audio tracks are also in musical mode and it should follow tempo changes.

To make sure this works properly, go to the Pool Window and:

  1. Make sure all Audio files are set to their actual tempo. If you have imported any tracks their tempo may or may not show accurately.
  2. Check the box to follow tempo.

That wasn’t related to the question. It was the automation following the events in which case just make sure the track is in musical mode.