automation tips?


Does anyone know of an easy way of making all of your selected automation points the same value? (Without having to individually change each one of them separately).


Open the Info Line, Select All, and enter the desired value.

Thanks for the reply!

I don’t know if you understand the question fully though, maybe I was not clear. Lets say I have some automation points that are selected. (not select all, as there are some points I do not want to change). If I enter the value in the info line, all those points change relative to each other. I would like all selected points to be the exact same value.

KInd of like transforming MIDI data to a desired value using the logical editor.


Put the value on the Info Line and then press cmd + enter (Mac) or control + enter (PC).

You ROCK!!!

THVVM (Thank You Very VERY Much). I thought it was something like that . . . I was pressing return instead of enter . . .