Automation Track Exact Number Entry - Midi CC 0-127


It would be helpful if the option was available to type in exact numbers for automation points in an automation track.

Example: Midi CC 0-127 Automation - Highlight automation point or multiple, type exact number in automation track control, press return and the automation points move to the selected number.

Currently, the option is available to type in a number but it does not change the automation point.

I’m aware of many workarounds but this feature would be helpful.

Thank you

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Not sure I am understanding, I thought we can do it like this:

Thank you for the example. I’m trying to do the same thing in an Automation Track but it does not work

It’s precisely the same. note though, the Automation track values are expressed in different ways depending on what they are controlling, so it’s not always midi.

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Thank you very much! I was trying to type in the value box next to the parameter.