Automation Track options

i’m little confused with Automation Track options

linked panner
standard panner pan left right automation
standard panner pan left right 2
standard panner BYPASS


Strip eq has 4 options under it

So if i want to Automate my pan which option should i use

and for EQ i use third parrty plugins in that case which option should i select ?

and in what way do i use the input filter.

Not a direct answer, but I always create automation by setting Write on, then wiggling the control I need to automate. I then use ‘show all automation’ to see what’s been written and I adjust automation points using the mouse after that. I find that doing it this way makes sure I’m adjusting the correct knob/fader/dial/etc.

[there’s also an option in the automation setup window which automatically shows the automation lane as soon you write to it, a bit faster to find because you can see it appear as it writes.]


Thanks mike for the reply, i can automate vol, expression easily the way you said.
but if i want to automate pan/ eq in the Automation Track which one should i select cos there are more than 1 option in pan / eq. ( as mentioned in my post )

There are multiple pan types you can set per track. You choose the one that goes with the type of panner you choose for the track.

Do what Mike suggested. Set automation write on for a track and wiggle the panner. Then show automation for that track. Then look at which panner is being used. Then you’ll know.