Automation: Track "states"

Was wondering, just as you can have a different track order in each part, could be useful to have different states for each track, linked to a specific part.
Say, part 1 volume @100, part 2 volume @ 60%, pan, mute, etc. That would take care of most automation needs (at least for me).
Each track would have a switch to enable this behavior, and a set of rules like ramp (with curves?), step, etc.
Don’t know how hard it would be to implement this, but I think this would make it much easier to have basic automation, vs automation lanes.

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ramps might be tricky, and we are closer to lane automation now. But it could be a good idea as additional feature to recall mixer volumes and mutes for Parts, we’ll see what can be done.

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Dear @musicullum , I would personally affraid of such too much of “uncinsolidated/untrackable” data, that would lead to further confusion to lot’s of users in my point of view.
I know what you think about a new line in “preferences” (save or not recall data/parts), but it would give me relief at least if you see what I mean :sweat_smile:

I see your point. But Bolocho does have a point that it would be easier this way than programming automation. Imho it should then be a global preference, you could just use it like that all the time.
Otoh, we have Song Groups now, so that will help for a while :slight_smile: