Automation track zoom

Hello, I am using the time track in order to make the piece I am working on more realistic. However the track is only about 2cm high on my screen, when I zoom in it increases the horizontal scale but not the vertical. Is there a way of enlarging the view to make it easier to see and use?



As is so often the case, 5 minutes after posting on this forum, I discover (a) how to do it and (b) it was always dead easy…

This is sorted.

Honestly, I do not find that really easy. I mean : the way I know is to look for the double arrow that replaces the usual arrow (of the mouse), when I hover on the left of the players’ automation name. I really have to be very careful to stay on that black vertical line and notice when I get the double arrow! It’s probably shown in one of those fantastic videos by Anthony Hughes or John Barron — that’s how I learned that trick. If there is another way, I would like to know :wink:

We know it’s certainly not obvious how to do it: the next update will include key commands to enlarge or shrink the currently-selected track, which should work both on piano roll tracks and automation tracks.


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Ah, but I’m an Engineer to trade, therefore I push, pull, press, drag and generally try everything and anything before faced with defeat - then either ask or read the manual. But not before… :smiley:

Even just the equivalent of the “Z” command in Logic, in which you set a zoom level for a given track by expanding it via dragging it larger, etc.; press Z to toggle that level on/off (so it’s either collapsed or zoomed), and then it allows you (if I recall) to use the same toggle on any subsequently selected tracks (or midi automation lanes in this case, etc.), preserving the newly set zoom state for each subsequently selected individual track…

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It won’t work like Logic: it will increase or decrease as you type Shift+G/H, like in Cubase, but the state will be remembered when you leave and return to Play mode.

It would all be most welcome - thanks!

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I understand how to enlarge the view area by dragging on the lower left corner as the mouse pointer changes, but I can’t figure out how to zoom in vertically on the Time Scale.
The scale runs from zero to 250 and so the granularity is difficult to draw small variations within.
Is there a way to zoom in vertically such that the visible scale does not include the entire 0-250 range at once?

thanks for your attention,


Dear Jack,
You could use shift click (or ctrl-click, I admit I do not remember the modifying key) to reach a specific value (the mouse variation is much slower. Hope it helps!

Thanks so much for your response.
I tried clicking with the left mouse and right mouse buttons while holding shift, ctrl, command (this is a Mac) and combinations of the three without any real change in behavior.

This is not any sort of emergency so I don’t want to waste your time on helping me. I understand the playback part of the interface will expand and evolve over time.

cheers, and thanks again.


It’s Alt+click-drag, I think, to make finer adjustments to these values.

You also have to press alt before clicking and dragging, which isn’t all that natural, so in the next update you can press and release ‘alt’ at any point in the drag.

Thanks Daniel for stepping in, I did not remember exactly… and Paul for giving us the details :wink: