Automation Tracks For Quick Controls?

I’m using Halion Sonic SE and want to automate movements of the Quick Controls.

I can record movements of the control using the R and W buttons on the track lane. And I can see the movements during playback in the Quick Controls panel.

I want to be able to edit the movements using an automation track, but can’t find Quick Controler on the list of possible automation tracks.

I can’t make much sense from the manual. I think I read somewhere that I can associate the Quick Control with a MIDI CC but I can’t work out how to do it.

Can any one explain this please?

It sounds like you’re looking for your automation on the wrong track. Go to the VST folder and right click the Halion Sonic track and select show automation & edit away… I hope that’s it


Unfortunitly not, Hazy. I tried that, the Quick Control Panel is there same as on the midi lane, but there’s still no option for n automation track.

You need to select the parameter you want to change that the QC’s assigned to on the Instrument Channel.

Thanks Mashedmitten. I’m nt exactly sure how but i’ll try it tomorrow and see what happens.

Have you actually opened the ‘VST Instrument’ folder in the Cubase Project view & selected the Halion Sonic track ?
I bought Halion Sonic, the upgrade from se & that automation works for me… I presume you’re using Halion as a Vst Instrument (ie.multitimbral) rather than on an instrument track, which as you know defeats the purpose. I’m just wondering man, I hope it works out…


I’m not speaking of an Instrument Track, rather an Instrument Channel. Two different animals.

Thanks again. Yes I did open the VST instrument channel but no luck.

Actually, I found I can control automation for quck controls if the control is a standard midi CC like Brightness or Resonance.

But I trying to automate the Spicato (sp?) controling the relative levels of a 2 layer sound (Angels and Strings) I guess because thats not a normal control it can’t be done with normal autmation.

Oh well, it was just a wish to experiment.