Automation TRIM - fill to Loop in C8.5 pro

In Cubase 8.5 pro, does the “Fill to Loop” function of the “TRIM” mode work at all?

I setup locators, I enter TRIM mode, select “fill to loop” then playback->touch->stop. All it does it fills the "TRIM automation to the “L” locator, as it should, but NOT to the “R” locator. It should create a “TRIM” automation point BOTH at the “L” and the “R” locator and of equal values which it doesn’t do.

This works flawlessly in Nuendo 7 (I have a Demo that I can fire up for a quick test). Also I think I recall that it used to work in the past with previous Cubase versions, not sure whether it was Cubase 7.5 or 8.0.

The “fill to Loop” function works flawlessly though without the Trim mode engaged - just normal automation.

Can anyone confirm this, please?


There is an known issue in this area.

In fact, this is somehow related to the different behaviour of automation in Cubase and Nuendo. In Nuendo, when you stop automation writing, the Value jumps back to the value, which was here before. Cubase keeps the last value until the next automation node or until the end.